Complete Protection Package

The Complete Protection Package makes it easy to give your home and family guaranteed protection against a broad range of threats. And it includes an added 10% in savings.

  1. Lajaunies Pest Control performs a FREE Termite Inspection to determine if your home is free of subterranean termites and eligible for subterranean termite coverage.
  2. We’ll also conduct an interior and exterior pest treatment to eliminate any pests in your home.
  3. For as long as you keep your plan, you are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you have any pest problems or concerns in between your regular services we will address your concerns at no additional charge.
  4. Each quarter, we’ll perform an exterior treatment of your home to keep pests, like ants, cockroaches and spiders, out.
  5. Each year, Lajaunies Pest Control performs another inspection as part of your plan’s renewal to confirm your home is still termite free.
  6. If termites are discovered during this inspection, we’ll treat your home to quickly eliminate termites at no additional cost and you’re covered against the treatments and damage repair costs.

And if you ever need us, we’re just a phone call away. Think you see signs of termites? Did a pest manage to find its way inside? We’ll continue to work until you’re satisfied. It’s part of our Complete Protection Guarantee. Get total protection against both pests and termites with the Complete Protection Package.