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At LaJaunie's Pest Control, knowing how to handle pests is what we do best. We're sharing our knowledge so you can be more prepared for the common pest infestations you'll face in Louisiana.

Hero image of a group of carpenter ants building nests inside of wood

Carpenter Ants: The Other Wood-Destroying Threat

We tell readers all they need to know about carpenter ants, from their seasonality in the region to the level of threat they pose to tips for identifying, preventing, and eliminating these insects -- plus compare them to the more dangerous termites.Read more
pest control technician holding a flashlight in the crawl space of a house

New Orleans Termites: The Ultimate Guide

Termite season in New Orleans tends to be from March to July, however, it is possible they can show up a little earlier or later. Depending on the termite, you might experience a swarm during various times of the year.Read more