Perimeter Defense Guarantee

This plan creates a treatment perimeter around your home that eliminates subterranean termite colonies and helps stop them from invading again. Like most of our plans, it’s backed by our guarantee that you’ll never pay a penny for future termite treatments or damage repair.

How the Perimeter defense works

  1. Lajaunies Pest Control performs a FREE Termite Inspection to check for signs of a past or current subterranean termite infestation in Thibodaux, Houma, and surrounding areas.
  2. Our trained technicians create a trench in the soil and carefully drill through slab areas around the perimeter of your home, then apply a highly effective liquid treatment agent.
  3. The treatment agent eliminates subterranean termites as they forage through treated soil and prevents them from infesting your home.
  4. For as long as you keep your plan, we will continue to inspect your home for new subterranean and Formosan termite activity on an annual basis. If we find anything, you’re covered against treatment and damage repair costs.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else. But if you think you see signs of termites between your inspections, feel free to call us. We’ll come out and re-inspect so we can stop termites and limit their damage to your home.

Perimeter Defense pricing is based on the linear footage.