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Same-Day Service on All Our Boutte Pest Control
When you have a pest problem on Friday, don’t wait until Monday to have it solved! When you choose LaJaunie’s for your pest control in Boutte, you’re choosing a company that’s committed to you. With same-day services and Saturday appointments available, we’ll always be able to work around your busy schedule!
pest-free satisfaction guaranteed

Pest-Free Guarantee

All of our pest control services are fully backed by our pest-free guarantee. If your pest issue still persists after we treat your home, there will be no additional cost for any necessary re-treatment.

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Timely Treatments

With us, it’s all about convenience. We offer both same-day service and Saturday service. We are here to accommodate your busy schedule.

transparency from your pest exterminator

Complete Transparency

We are always honest about our prices and services. Once your service is complete, we can even email you a video of the work we completed at your home.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great customer service! All of the employees are people of integrity! 10 out of 10 would recommend!

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Pest Control in Boutte

Here at LaJaunie’s Pest Control, we understand how time-consuming and stressful a pest infestation can be. Our advanced New Orleans pest control and effective preventative measures ensure that your family and home will be well protected for the long haul. Our Boutte exterminators utilize organic products and strategic methods to provide the most successful pest control. Team up with us today to finally get rid of the pests for good! Our Boutte pest control can eliminate:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Scorpions
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Beetles
  • And more!

Have you been noticing some of these pests around the house lately and want them out of the house today? Lucky for you, at LaJaunie’s we offer same-day pest control in Boutte!

Fully Customized Treatments to Your Home

When you contact LaJaunie’s, we’ll send over one of our local Boutte exterminators to take a look and begin by determining what kind of pest infestation you are dealing with. We know that every home and every pest invasion is different, which is why our technicians customize unique treatments for every customer.

Our Boutte pest control implements the methods that will be the most effective for your home and its current conditions. When you choose LaJaunie’s for pest control in Boutte, you get:

  • A free home examination: this step allows our technicians to determine what steps are best to take next.
  • Treatment applications: we apply treatments to the exterior of your home, treat interior baseboards and bait attic areas.
  • Spot treatments: our Boutte exterminators will remove ant hills in your yard by spot treating.
  • Removal of webs and nests: we will eliminate spider webs and wasp nests found around your home.
  • Recurring pest treatments: this helps to ensure that your home remains pest-free.

Saturday Appointments Available for Your Busy Schedule 

For over a decade, LaJaunie’s Pest Control has been providing friendly and helpful customer service alongside effective pest control in Boutte. We take pride in the excellent customer service we provide by having complete transparency with all of our customers and going the extra mile to keep you happy! If you are in need of a solution to your pest problem, join forces with our Boutte exterminators. As part of our excellent customer service, we offer:

  • Same-day service so your problem doesn't have to wait.
  • Saturday services to fit your busy lifestyle. 
  • 30-day service guarantee, just give us a call if you see any pests and we'll return for free!
  • Video recaps of the services performed so you never have to wonder what was done around your home!

For a totally transparent team that places a value on customer service, you need LaJaunie's!


Termite Treatments in Boutte

Termites may be small, but they can take a big bite out of your home—and your budget. They silently wreak havoc by eating through the timber supports of your home, going undetected until it’s too late. Instead of worrying about termites moving in or being left to pay for their damages, you can rely on LaJaunie’s Pest Control. Our termite treatments in Boutte will keep your home safe and your wallet happy.


Tried and True Termite Treatments

Your home is your biggest investment, and we want to protect it as much as you do. That’s why our team goes the extra mile for every termite treatment in Boutte, and why we use the most advanced products in the industry. When we’re on your side, tricky termites don’t stand a chance. After you choose LaJaunie’s Pest Control to handle your Boutte termite treatments, you can expect:

  • A free, detailed inspection to check for signs of termite activity and track down the colony.
  • Effective liquid treatments will create a barrier against termites around your home, preventing them from gaining access to your home.
  • Annual inspections to ensure your home remains termite-free.
  • Prompt action if you suspect termite activity between scheduled visits.
  • Our protective warranty preserves your peace of mind.

Treatments That Work with Your Schedule

Termites don’t give you a heads up before moving in, which means infestations don’t always happen at a convenient time. To deliver relief as soon as possible while also working with your schedule, we proudly offer both same-day services and Saturday services for our Boutte termite treatments. We understand that termites make things stressful enough, which is why we work hard to make treatment as hassle-free as possible.


Mosquito Control in Boutte

No one wants to share their yard with a swarm of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, these pests are a common problem for homeowners in Louisiana. If you’re searching for mosquito control in Boutte, look no further than your neighbors at LaJaunie’s Pest Control. Our same-day service means we can be there to help you take back your yard in no time, and our Saturday hours will let us be there on your schedule. 

When you trust in our mosquito control services in Boutte, our mosquito exterminators will provide the following:

  • A thorough pest inspection to assess where mosquitoes are breeding and hiding.
  • Treatment of standing water and other mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Barrier spray treatments to eliminate mosquitoes completely.
  • Recurring treatments to prevent mosquitoes from returning.

Get Guaranteed Protection Today!

30-Day Guarantee You’ll Be Mosquito Free

Our team at LaJaunie’s Pest Control is proud to provide mosquito treatments backed by our 4.7-star customer rating. Our pest control exterminators are committed to being transparent throughout the mosquito treatment process to equip you with the knowledge you need to feel secure and comfortable. Even better, our 30-day guarantee will keep your yard protected for a month after service! Call us today at 985-859-7378 to learn how our mosquito service can help you put an end to your mosquito worries once and for all.

Bed Bug Treatment in Boutte

When you have bed bugs, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in your own home, much less get a good night’s sleep. Instead of tossing and turning, just give us a call! You can count on our bed bug exterminator team for the most reliable bed bug treatment in Boutte that’ll have you sleeping soundly in no time.


Experience the Benefits of Working With LaJaunies 

Bed bugs are master hitchhikers—they easily sneak into your home without you even noticing until it’s too late. They can hop into your luggage or hide in the folds of your clothes, catching a free ride directly to your mattress or couch. Once they settle down between your sheets, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of them on your own. That’s where we come in! Our bed bug treatments in Boutte will give you the fast relief you deserve in conjunction with the best service.

Some of the benefits we offer with our bed bug treatments in Boutte include:

  • Detailed bed bug inspections of your home
  • Complete elimination of bed bugs in just one visit
  • 30-day warranty for all bed bug treatments
  • Fast, flexible scheduling with service options on Saturdays
  • Convenient appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Superior customer service & communication from start to finish 

If Bed Bugs Return Within 30 Days, It’s On Us! 

We’re dedicated to providing long-lasting relief you can count on, which is why we back our Boutte bed bug exterminators with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If bed bugs come back within that time frame, so will we! We’ll re-treat your home until we’re confident that the problem is solved. With LaJaunie’s on your side, you know you’re getting the best bed bug treatment possible.

Ready for a home free of pests?

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